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Andrian Maker (born October 20, 1988) is a French actor.


Andrian is the son of a mathematics professor, named Ernest and a social worker mother, Jeanne-Pauline. He has two brothers, the older named Steve and Yonnis-Audrin, the youngest.


Andrian Maker went to school near his hometown of Champs-sur-Marne (small town in the suburbs of Paris), and graduated from high school specializing in science. At the time, he wanted to become a doctor and attended med school in Paris for 2 years. Eventually he decided to switch over to University, where he got his bachelors degree in biology and chemistry. Andrian graduated with a Masters degree in Environmental Management in 2014, at the University of Paris XVII.


While in med school, he was offered a role in an episode of a French TV series, because his uncle had given his picture to the production. From that point forward he discovered his passion for acting. He decided to keep on with his studies while also keeping his acting dream alive. He took theater classes, acting classes, and played in a musical comedy while in school. Then, encouraged by his acting professors and theater directors, he started pursuing movie roles.

Currently, he has played in several short films, TV series and feature films. Andrian has also played abroad, notably in Scotland and the US.




Andrian MAKER

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